urol medical office

Medical Office

Located in a modern building in a residential area of ​​Geneva, our medical office offers a spacious and functional space.

The medical equipment is the most recent and allows the diagnosis and the follow-up of urological pathologies.

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Thursday : 10h-12h / 13h30 -17h
  • friday : 10h-13h


ultrasound device

Ultrasound device

with abdominal and rectal probes, the latter allowing prostate biopsy.
The doctor can also perform biopsies in another place by image fusion by transrectal or perineal approach.



This device allows examination of the bladder function during its filling and voiding by means of pressure sensors. Furthermore, it facilitates an assessment of the urethral sphincter quality (study of incontinence).

flow meters linked to a Wi-Fi system

Flow meters linked to a Wi-Fi system

This device measures the micturition flow and sends the data to a computer.

flexible Cystoscopes with screen

Flexible Cystoscopes with screen

The physician carries out the examination of the bladder by inserting a small camera through the urethra; the pictures are directly transferred to a screen from where the examination can be followed by the physician and his patient. It is also possible to take pictures or to make a film

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